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Poppys by Deidre Ogilvie

ARTIST NOTES: Water Colour


DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.00 cm X Width - 41.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2060-0136-01
COPYRIGHT © Deidre Ogilvie
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Artist: Deidre Ogilvie


CV Deidre Ogilvie St. Kilda Artist

I have undertaken a number of artistic endeavours over the years, but concentrated on painting in the last 10years. Choosing mentoring over formal art education

,I started with a course at Swinburne, moved on to a group at Albert Park and have for the last 10 years worked with a mentor John Lawry, who has a group which ranges from beginners and students preparing for final year folios to professional artists preparing for exhibitions

I work mainly in oils, watercolours and acrylics but lately have been exploring mixed media under the tutorage of Judy Waters, who has encouraged me to explore colours and textures, experimenting with different techniques and merging these to create original pieces of art.

Living in the UK for several years I worked with a watercolourist in the North of England. Lynn Shaw encouraged me to use a medium that was very unfamiliar to me till then, I soon learned that it has its own joys.

My subjects are influenced by my travels and the photographs that I have taken, recreating some of my favourite scenes.

Lately I have done several commissions of paintings for children’s bedrooms, using images of their favourite things and places

With each new painting I learn more of the excitement that comes from creating something special, with tonal values, colours, composition and light

I am presently, an Art group facilitator at the Mary Keogh Centre Albert Park.

Member of               Malvern Art Society-Meloune Vic

                                Brighton Art Society _Melbourne Vic.   

                                Malvern Art Society

                                Garstang Art Society - LA UK

                                Rendezvous Renoirs -Berkshire UK

Private Art Tuition    Lynnn Shaw -Lancashire UK -1 day a week for 3years

                                Auroa Spain -Berkshire UK -1 day a week 18months

                                Norman Long -Preston LA UK -1 day a week 2 years

                                Miriam Duque de Paiva Ostuni Italy -1 month 5 days a week

                                John Lawry-John Lawry Studio Melbourne -2hours a week 12years

                                Judy Waters - Hampton Art Supplies Hampton -2hours a week 1year

                                Linda Gibbs – Linden -2hours a week 1year

                                Julie Goldspink –Malvern Art Society -2hours a week 12 months

                                Maxine Wade – Brighton Art society -2hours a week12months

                                Maryanne Wright - Albert Park  Art Studio -1 day a week 2years

Art Exhibitions


                                Garstang Art Centre Lancashire UK

                                Miriam Duque de Paiva Studio-Ostuni Italy

                      Group Exhibitions        

                               Camberwell Rotary Swinburne University

                                Gallery 123 Port Melbourne

                                Bayside Art Show- Sandringham Yacht Club

                                Continental Hotel - Sorrento

                                Paynesville Art Society – Paynesville

                                Knox City Rotary Bayswater

                                Chapel on Chapel        Prahran

                                Hobsons Bay Rotary     Williamstown

                                CMI Rendezvous Renoirs      Sunningdale Berkshire UK

                                Annual Art Exhibition Brighton Art Society


                                Foster Baby Boomers Bash Glorious jeans Competition -Prize Highly Commended


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