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Gail Barton, Artist (4 works)

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Height 45cm x Width 60cm


© Gail Barton

NRN# 000-2125-0146-01

Exhibit# 1017

Soft Focus

Height 53cm x Width 64cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Still Life

© Gail Barton

NRN# 000-2125-0148-01

Exhibit# 1018


Milanos Tavern

Functions at Milanos:
• Weddings
• Corporate
• Celebrations
Contact the Event Coordinator 03 9592 3555

The Bay

Height 122cm x Width 136cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Impressionist

© Gail Barton

NRN# 000-2125-0150-01

Exhibit# 1019

Watching Over You

Height 76cm x Width 92cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Contemporary

© Gail Barton

NRN# 000-2125-0151-01

Exhibit# 1020